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About Us

I have been handicapping sports for 36 years. My partner has been doing the same for 33 years. We have two full time staffers one with 25 years of experience and the other with 28 years of experience. So basically you are getting the benefit of 122 years of sports picking experience from this site. The two staffers and I do this fulltime, while my partner does hold another job. I can assure even though he has to spend some of his time elsewhere, his heart and mind are always in the game. We do this because we love it. We do this because itís fun. When we stop having a good time we will quit. After 36 years of picking games I think itís safe to say Iíll quit when they put me six feet under. 

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Please understand that we take our handicapping very seriously. We also take having fun very seriously. So be prepared to put up with our warped sense of humor along the way to getting winning picks. The picks will never be a joke. The picker may just look and sound a bit difficult to take seriously.  

 It's time for you to start winning. Just click on your favorite sport on the Free Picks page to get your picks. Good luck and remember to be smart with your money.  We sure do appreciate yaíll stopping by.

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Please come back often. We are the Bookie Breakers of Our customers win!


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