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I would like to start by saying that I have never written a blog before. Now that I have published a book, several opportunities to post a blog have appeared. I figured I would give it a try. I am a bit concerned that readers may judge my ability to write stories based on my ability to write a blog. I have been writing stories for 18 years and I have been writing blogs for three minutes. I do believe that we all get better at whatever we do with practice. Please take the blog with a grain of salt, and expect the stories to be better. I am not sure what to discuss in a blog. Any feedback may help improve future blogs, if I should decide to write another one.


The world today is so different from the one I remember. I do however, adapt well and seem to be surviving in this ultra fast paced society. One thing that has held true is the demand for a good story. If you can spin a good yarn or tell a good tale, there is a market for your work. The difficulty lies more with making your work known to possible readers than in the actual writing of said product. It appears that ebooks have made almost everyone an author. Unfortunately, not everyone that published an ebook has the afore mentioned talent of telling a good tale. This places the reader in a bad situation. You can't possibly read everything, there is just not enough time. You wouldn't want to read everything, because so much of it is garbage. I do not believe that writing can be taught or learned. I do believe that it is something that you either have a talent for, or you don't. I am sure that many people may decide that I don't have that talent, but I have a greater fear. I fear that the stories that I have written will go unread. They will go unread because they are out there in a massive sea of almost limitless stories. An unknown author has to hope someone will decide to read his stories. Then he has to hope that some of those readers will like the stories. Then he has to hope against the odds that the reader enjoyed the story enough to write a favorable review of it.


I apologize if this is inappropriate blog material, but, as I said before, this is my first one. What I am learning since publishing my book is that this is a racket just like everything else in life. If you pay someone enough money, they will get people to review your book. If you pay enough money, you can be a featured writer. If you pay enough money, you will be in our newsletter. If you pay enough money, you will appear in our blogs. The trouble with all of this is that paying enough money is not going to improve your stories. I would much rather be a featured writer because my stories were good enough that someone wanted to feature them. I understand the concept of it takes money to make money. If I was trying to make money, I would be charging more for my book. If I gave my book away for free, I would have no hope for recovering any of the funds spent to get it published. The book I have published is titled "That's Not The Wind Out In The Trees". It is a short story book with 24 stories in it. I have posted a sample of this book, which contains the first story and about half of the second story, in several places on the internet. If you have found this blog, odds are you can find a sample. Take a few minutes to find the sample and read it for free. If you like it, spend the $2.99 and buy a copy. If you don't like it, all you have lost is the few minutes it took to read it.


I probably should mention that most of my stories are some form of horror. Many of them contain very strong language, graphic violence, and sexual situations. I enjoy reading this type of material, so that's what I spend most of my time writing. I would not recommend this book for children, or those that are insecure and timid. The book is like life. It ought to scare the Hell out of you. If you can look at the state of affairs in the world today and not be frightened; this book will not bother you too much. However, the average person knows so little about what is happening around them, that they would piss their pants if they had a clue. I didn't write the book to win friends and influence people. I didn't write this blog for that purpose either. I would just really like for some people to read my book and I don't want them to do it because I paid them.


If this blog has offended you in any way, you probably needed offending and I am glad I was able to fulfill that need. I am not a politically correct person and neither is my writing. I have been very careful to not say anything bad in this blog. I am not careful with what I write in my stories.


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