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Buster Wellman's Bio


Buster Wellman was born in the southeastern United States during the baby boom The country changed very much as Buster grew up and they both appeared to lose their innocence together.  He was greatly influenced by the music of the late 60's and all of the 70's. Buster was mostly an honest man and placed a lot of emphasis on being true to himself. This quite frequently lead Buster down paths that weren't in direct harmony with the law. Being greatly confused that gambling and recreational drugs were illegal could have caused Buster to be a criminal. However, he was lucky enough to not get arrested while he participated in victimless crimes. There were times when he made his living, or supplemented it by making book, playing music in bars, and selling marijuana to a few close friends.


Later on in life, after two marriages and divorces, Buster settled down with a "normal" job and became quite successful doing something he hated. He never forgot the days of his youth and the many experiences that can be gained while living that style of life. He started to tinker with writing short stories in 1996. Unfortunately, there was just too much going on in his life to allow him the time to properly pursue this endeavor. When he had his time in he quickly retired from his day job and moved on to what he hoped would be a better life. After about a year of wondering what he was going to do, he finally got the hang of it. Buster started handicapping sports for an online service called Bookie Breakers. He also picked his guitar back up and started playing music again. Then he remembered his short stories and set out to finish a collection that he had started so many years before. So, here in the year 2014, Buster Wellman is publishing his first book. He also has a novelette near completion, and is working on other writing projects at the current time. Buster's language is harsh, and his stories are not intended for children, or the faint of heart. Reading them will give you a glimpse inside the mind of the man much better than any bio that could ever be placed here.