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We would like to give you a few betting tips. This is not the type of thing that your bookie or most people trying to make money off of your losses would tell you. We are trying to make money off of you too. We make money when you visit our web site because we can sell ads here. We make money when you click on our ads. We may even sell a tip from time to time, but they will be inexpensive. This is not us trying to bullshit you. If you follow this advice it will help you to break your bookie, or at least keep him from getting as much of your money.

Never over bet. In other words don't bet too much. Any tip can lose and if you can't afford to lose it, please don't bet it.

Never bet with your heart. Pick your games with your mind. It is quite easy to pick your favorite team and let your loyalties overrule your better sense. It is a good rule to not place wagers on games that your favorite team is involved in.

If you play multiple teasers or parlays you should avoid putting the same team on them. You do not want one team to cause you to lose several bets.

There is no such thing as a lock. Twenty years ago I paid $200 for the lock of the year tip. It did not even come close to covering. Some of us went in together and paid $1,000 for a diamond lock tip. It was  another loser and not even close. We will offer you tips here. We will do our best to make them the best tips you can find anywhere. We will never claim they are locks. The only person able to give you a lock is a team's head coach, and only then if he says that his team will not cover.

Don't bet on a game just because it is on TV. If you want to bet on a game just to make it interesting to watch; make sure you bet the smallest amount possible say $25. Quite often the best opportunities to win money are not the most popular or nationally televised games.


Betting three team teasers and parlays can be either profitable or costly. If you make such wagers, you should bet them grouped so that one  of the three games will not start until the other two have ended. This gives you the opportunity to back bet the third game.  In the case of a teaser, say you bet $200 on a three teamer. Let's also say that you have been fortunate enough to hit the first two games. Now we will say you have Team A left  to hit your bet. The straight line was Team A minus 8 1/2. So your line on the teaser is Team A plus 1 1/2. Team A is scheduled to kick off against Team B in 30 minutes.  The safe (smart) thing to do is call and bet $200 on Team B plus 8 1/2. Once you make that bet there is a 9 point spread where you can win $400 and the most you can lose is the $20 sugar on which ever bet doesn't cover. Put yourself in the same situation with a 3 team parlay for $100. You have hit the first two. If you hit the third you win $500, but if you miss you lose $100. If you call and back bet the third game you are guaranteed to win money. If you back bet $200 and the parlay hits you win $500 minus $220 which put you up $280. If the parlay misses you lose $100 and win $200 which puts you up $100.

One last one that will really sound crazy. Lets say you're about to watch an NFL game on TV and the line is 3. You want to bet on the game but you don't really know which way to go with it. Call the man and bet $100 on both teams. The trick is buy a half a point on both bets. Then watch the game and hope for a push. The most you can lose is $20, but if the push hits you win $200.

We want you to be a winner. We want you to have a good time. We also want you to be smart and not put yourself in a position where you can lose your ass. We want to be your main source for sports handicapping information. Please visit us here at Bookie Breakers often. Please tell your friends about us. We do appreciate your patronage.

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