Not The

Wind Out

 In The



A new book of short stories by Buster Wellman has been released.

Some of them may scare you. Some of them may piss you off.

Some of them will make you realize that you're never grown up

enough to be safe when you're alone in the night.


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"That's Not The Wind Out In The Trees"


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Lovecraft, Poe, King, and Koontz have all scared the Hell out of you. It's time to add another name to that list. You may never be able to convince yourself that it was really just the wind out in the trees again. Buster Wellman has compiled 24 short stories that will open your eyes, open your mind, and keep you awake at night. The only trouble with "That's Not The Wind Out In The Trees" is that you can't unread it. Once Wellman has lead your imagination down the path to create these images, they will come back to visit you time and again.


These stories are very short and many of them can be read in less than five minutes. This is one of the best cases of quality defeating quantity ever witnessed. One story may be supernatural, while another is about your criminally insane neighbor, and yet a third somehow combines the worst of both of those worlds.


This book contains strong language, graphic violence, and explicit sexual activity. Please do not read this book if you are easily offended or insecure about your sanity. Once you know the truth you can never believe the lie. The truth is "That's not the wind out in the trees"!